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- Chapter 5This is a work of fiction and any resemblence to persons missing, alive,
dead, or otherwise is possibly accidental. It is also possible that this
kind of story is against the law in your area so be careful, you never know
when someone teen titans porn free may be watching. If your little brother reads this it is on
your head if he gets ideas to sneak into your bed at night, forewarned is
forearmed. And I shudder to think of what could happen if your parents,
wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whoever see this.Please send comments, critisisms, ideas to the author at
zero78245yahoo.com. I like what I have read so far, and believe it or
not, some suggestions have even made it to paper.Sorry about the length of time it took to get this chapter out, but it was
a very difficult one to write. I knew what I wanted to say, but wasn't
sure I said it right. Thanks, Alienist, for pointing me in the right
direction. I like this much better than my first try.
Chapter 5
It startled me when I opened the door and there was Tom teen online video porn with his hand
out. Ah, he knew what I was going to do and came to get his reward. I
hope he is more gentle. My ass still hurts from the last time my Dad
wanted his "reward" for letting his little faggot boy stay in his house.
Why did he have to find those magazines? I guess it is right the the first
time for Tom to be in this room that he is letting me have for a while.
But maybe he is different. He is great looking, and seems so nice. And I
have been dreaming about him ever teen porn duration long
since the swim meet. Dreaming it was him
instead of Dad. Yeah, he is here for the same thing I have been wanting for six months.
I'll bet he is bigger than Dad too. Here, I'll just get on my elbows and
knees here on the bed. That should put my hole about even with his dick.
"I'm ready." I don't hear a zipper. What's he waiting for? I want to feel his big
pole sliding into my chute and dumping his seed deep inside me. I want him
to like me. No, love me. His ramrod can give me the love I want. But
where is he? "What are you waiting for? Stick it in." What's taking so long? I don't hear russan teen porn him undressing so where is he?
Give it to me, I want it! You said you loved me! "Oh, Donny. I can't..." Oh shit, "But, I thought you were queer like me?" Boy, did I ever fuck
up again. And now he is going to throw my ass out of here. Where's my
clothes? Or should I just get the hell out of here. Tom must have known what I was thinking because mature teen porn
he grabbed me and
pulled me onto his lap. "Yes, Donny, I am gay. But I can't do what you
want me to do. That should only be shared with someone you love." "But I do love you. I have since the first time I saw you, at the swim
meet. I know you didn't see me, but I saw you. And I have dreamed about
you...about you doing this." "No, Donny. I did see you, and liked you right away. And I still porn teen extreme do.
You are everything a man like me could ever want. But..." Shit. Why do I have to be so little? And I don't have hair hot teen tits like the
other kids. I guess he wants a teen porn duration long real man. "I know. I'm too small for you. I'm ugly and little. And you don't
want me." And a crybaby. Here come the tears again. Always crying, just
like a little baby. No wonder he doesn't want me. "No, no. You are not small, or ugly, or little. You are the most
beautiful boy I have ever seen. And if you were older..." "See. I told you. I'm too little. And you don't want me." I tried
to get away, but he just wrapped his arms around me tighter. "Donny, stop. I am not going to let go of you, not until you
understand what I am trying to say. I do want you, but not that way. When
I told Buddy and Bill that I would take care of you, and let you live here,
it was not to have sex with you. I want to help you, and make you feel
safe. And that means not having to let someone stick their dick up your
butt." Tom was starting to cry too. Why was he crying? I am so confused. If
Tom is queer like me then he should want to fuck me. I guess he just
doesn't like me. Or my body. What a little dick I got. It would never
make him happy. When am I gonna start growing up? No wonder nobody loves
me. Fuck this world. And I can't stop crying. I want you Tom. I love
you. I want you to love me. Why can't you understand? I started to wind down after several minutes when suddenly Tom asked
"Donny, could I ask you a huge favor?" He is gonna tell me to leave, "What?" "Stand up." I stood up. Nothing much else I could do because he wouldn't let go of
my arms. So I stood there non nude teen videos
in front of him, waiting for the axe to fall. teen titans porn free "Let's see. Ooh, I like this." Tom said as he kissed my nose. "And
this." kissing my chin. His lips were so soft, like feathers just touching
my skin. Now this is more like it. "Nice shoulders." And he slurped from
my neck accross my shoulder. Oh, that tickles a little. "These are cute."
and licked each nipple. What a feeling. He started rubbing up and down my arms softly. "Yep, I like what I see.
Should I look some more? See what I like?" This felt so good, "Yeah." He pulled me back onto his lap sideways and laid me out, holding my
head and legs. I was starting to get tingly all over. What's next?
Suddenly he blew a raspberry right on my belly button. God, that tickled.
But he held teen porn bilder on so that I couldn't curl up and get away. Then he stared at my dick. non nude teen videos Oh, man. This is gonna get good. I could
feel my dick starting to harden. Do it quick and maybe it will get reall young teen porn
little bigger. I could also feel that Tom was getting a little excited
too. I could feel his dick poking at me in the side. This made mine jump
to full power, all four inches. "So what were you saying about little? I don't see anything little
here." teen online video porn And then he started to lean over. He licked his lips a little and then
put them on mine. A kiss! I haven't kissed anybody except my mother and
that was on the cheek. Oh, God! It feels so great! Then he started
kissing around my face and over to my ears. Oooooh. My whole body felt
like is was wrapped in silk. I was so weak, it felt like all my muscles
decided to take a vacation all at the same time. "You have a beautiful body, Donny. And don't let anyone tell you
different." He does like me. And my body too. So don't stop. This feels so good.
But then he sat up straight. "Which brings me to rule number two around here." Uh oh. "Clothes have to be worn at all times..." he paused a moment, "when we
have company." "What about when there's no company, just you and me?" Yeah, so we can do this some more. This is fun. "Are you trying to tempt me, you... you vixen?" Huh? "What's a vixen?" "A boy who's hormones are making him want to cause me to break my
promise and make mad, passionate love to his perfect body." he grinned. Guess he's got me figured out. "Yep, that's me. Will it work?" "Someday it might. In the mean time I will just have to suffer." "You don't have to suffer. I can help you." And I grabbed his still
hard dick through his shorts. Oh, no underwear! Hmmm, feels like about
six inches. But he is an adult. Guess he is just small like me. Nothing
like what the older kids say at school. But it sure feels nice. "That's mine." Tom said with a look of shock on his face. Not if I can help it, "No it's not. It's mine now." "Okay, time for rule three. We can play, we can touch, we can look at
each other naked. But that's it. Not until we are both ready. And
willing." Shit, "But I'm ready and willing now." "You are definitely willing, but not ready. A lot of responsibility
comes with sex, and before you do that, you need to grow up some more. Not
just your body, but your mind. Right now you think love and sex are the
same thing, but they aren't. And I'm not willing. I don't want to make
you miss out on being a kid." "But it feels so gooood." Can't hurt to try. "Okay, look at it this way. What happens if someone finds out we are
having sex. You would be placed in the position to either lie about it,
and I don't want you to ever lie for any reason. Or to tell the truth and
send me to prison. Then how would you feel?" He does have a point. But I can't give up without another try. "I
won't tell anyone if you won't." "We wouldn't have to tell anyone, it would be written on our faces. I
have a suspicion that at least one other person in this town would know in
an instant if he ever saw us together." "Who? Buddy?" And what would he see lesbian teens goin wild on our faces? "I am not saying. I am not sure at this time, so I won't tell you
who." I thought a minute. Aha, Doctor Davis was looking at free teen bi porn Tom at the
breakfast table. He looked the way I feel. "Oh, you're talking about Doctor Davis. You know, he is in love with
you too." "Huh?" Maybe I had better straighten Tom out. "Boy, for a queer you sure
don't know nothin'. I saw how he was looking at you this morning." Yeah, now that I think about it, both of them were kinda googly eyed at
each other. I wish it was me. "And you frre teen porn like him too." Tom got a worried look on teen porn bilder
his face. "Maybe. What do you think about
that?" Hmmm, Doctor Davis is a nice guy, and kinda cute too. But not as good
looking as Tom. If they get together then I am out. Wait a minute, didn't
Tom big boobs teens
say something about both of us being ready and willing? Maybe there is
hope. But if Doctor Davis comes into the picture. Well, I will just have
to keep Tom's mind on me. But if he likes love as I do, he has to do
something. "It's okay. At least until you are ready for me." Time for a
little dig. "Of course, at your advanced age, you probably don't need as
much as me, but sometimes you might need to have fun. You know, free nude teen clips with
someone closer to your own age." About then my stomach reminded me that it had been at least four hours
since breakfast. "Okay, back to rule two. I would prefer if you would at least wear
shorts part of the time. Not so tempting. And shorts and at least a
t-shirt at the dinner table. So photos teen porn pic
hop down and get something on. And let me
go fix some lunch." I remembered that Tom was not wearing underwear, so I figured I could
get away with just shorts and letting nude teen model my balls hang free. Maybe flash him
a little, just to keep his heart goin'. But I can't let him off easy.
"Awww. You're just afraid I will get you all hot and ready." "That too, but I heard your stomach hittin' the picket line for more
food. Remember, shorts and tee."

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